ToWorkFor WR|SRC|WRU|HRO|SB Watt Metal Free Safety Boot Size 5
ToWorkFor WR|SRC|WRU|HRO|SB Watt Metal Free Safety Boot Size 5
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Specially designed for electricians, the new VOLT1 Collection guarantees a unique protection. Tested and approved at a voltage of 18000 V at 60Hz for one minute according to the American standards, and certified as SB, P, SRC, FO, E, WR, WRU and HRO. All this without compromising comfort, anti-slip and anti-perforation protection, and breathability. No doubt about it, for electrical workers, the VOLT1 is the number one safety shoe.


  • High durability
  • Comfortable
  • High temperatures resistance
  • Anti-slip Performance
  • Anti perforation
  • Water Resistant Materials
  • Resistant to oils and acids
  • Non-metallic


  • Electricians
  • High risk of electric shock environment

CARE. Carefully brush leather with a soft bristle brush or hand towel to remove loose dirt and debris. Tough stains may require a leather cleaner.

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