Stanley Cushion Grip Screwdriver X6
Stanley Cushion Grip Screwdriver X6
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Ergonomic, ultra-comfortable handle design. Bi-material CUSHION GRIP™ handle delivers outstanding comfort, particularly when carrying out repetitive applications. Unique 8-sided octagonal handle shape enables better grip, control and torque transfer.

Durable magnetic black oxide tip. Provides excellent screw retention, strength and longevity
High torque capability. Chrome vanadium steel bar allows for high torque and reduces the chance of tip breakage.

Strong & Reliable. Handle moulded directly to the bar for a virtually unbreakable bond, ensuring exceptional reliability, resilience and product life.

Clear Tip Identification. Clear tip ID on the handle enables easy identification of the right screwdriver for each job.

Large Diameter Handle Offers great torque needed for driving wood screws. Chrome Plated Bar protects the screwdriver from rusting.

Tethering Hole Integrated into the handle, ensuring tools are never mislaid or dropped, and delivering additional safety for users when working at heights.

Multiple Applications. Suitable for a wide variety of professional trade applications.


(1) PZ1 x 75mm
(1) PZ2 x 100mm
(1) Parallel 3.5mm x 60mm
(1) Parallel 4.0mm x 100mm
(1) Flared 5.5mm x 100mm
(1) Flared 6.5mm x 150mm

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