Stanley Gun & Foam Cleaner 500ml
Stanley Gun & Foam Cleaner 500ml
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Foam & Gun Cleaner is a powerful solvent-based aerosol cleaner specifically designed for removing uncured polyurethane (PU) foam, both from surfaces and the gun adapter used for foam application. It effectively cleans surfaces, clothes, window and door frames, while preventing foam cure in the gun adapter.

  • High cleaning power: This solvent-based aerosol cleaner is formulated to effectively remove uncured PU foam, including both straw and gun adapter foam.
  • Gun cleaning: It is also designed to clean the spray gun, ensuring its proper functionality for future foam applications.
  • Spray activator: The cleaner is equipped with a spray activator that aids in removing foam residues from the spray gun.
  • Versatile use: It can be used in all positions, making it convenient for various cleaning applications.
  • Ozone-friendly: The propellant gas used in the cleaner is not harmful to the ozone layer.
Application Areas
  • Gun cleaning: Foam Cleaner is ideal for cleaning the spray gun after using PU foam, ensuring its cleanliness, and preventing clogging.
  • Valve cleaning: It can be used to clean the valves of PU Foam Aerosol, maintaining their optimal performance.
  • Uncured foam removal: The cleaner effectively removes uncured foam from various surfaces, including tools, equipment, and materials.

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