Stanley B1 Handheld Fire Foam 750ml
Stanley B1 Handheld Fire Foam 750ml
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Fire Block Foam Sealant is a self-extinguishing aerosol polyurethane foam designed for filling, sealing, and bonding gaps. It comes with a straw adapter included in each can for easy dispensing.

  • Excellent adhesion and filling capacity
  • Suitable for filling wide gaps due to its high expansion rate
  • Economical consumption with precise application
  • High yield of up to 10.6 gallons, depending on temperature and humidity
  • Resistant to mold and water, and can be painted over
Application Areas
  • Insulating electrical outlets and water pipes
  • Fixing and insulating door and window frames
  • Filling and sealing gaps, joints, and cavities
  • Filling penetrations in walls

Product Files

Technical Data Sheet


Safety Data Sheet


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