Stanley High Tack Grab Adhesive
Stanley High Tack Grab Adhesive
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HIGH TACK GRAB ADHESIVE is a AST polymer-based, one component, high quality and professional adhesive with high adhesive strength and initial tack. It is suitable for bonding heavy building materials without the use of clamps and/or fixing tape.

  • High initial grab.
  • Does not contain solvent, silicone or isocyanate.
  • Semi-elastic bonding.
  • Very good UV resistance.
  • Excellent elasticity and very good adhesion strength.
  • Over-paintable with water based paints.
  • No bubble formation.
  • No shrinkage.
  • Primer less adhesion on many different substrates (preliminary test recommended).
Application Areas
  • Wall cladding elements and ceiling panels.
  • Sound isolation panels (mineral wool, wood-wool cement & plastic foams).
  • Thermal isolation panels (PUR, PIR, PS).
  • Casings and frames in building construction.
  • Wooden and plastic laths, ornaments and frames.
  • Doorsteps, window sills, skirting boards and cover plates.
  • Complete construction elements (such as roofing and facade elements) in frame.

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