Stanley No Nail Grab Adhesive
Stanley No Nail Grab Adhesive
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Ultimate No Nail Grab Adhesive is water based multipurpose acrylic adhesive with instant grab formulation used for assembling of light weight construction materials and structural elements. Thanks to its high adhesion power and solventless formula, it is ideal for both professional and home users.

  • Fix with high adhesion power without nail.
  • Acrylic dispersion based.
  • Fills the gaps on uneven surfaces.
  • Resistant to weather conditions.
  • No odor & solvent.
  • Paintable.
Application Areas
  • Bonding of wood, ceramic, faience, plaster and synthetic construction, materials.
  • Installation of moldings, paneling, baseboards and drywall material.
  • Advised substrates to be used with; MDF, particleboard / fiber plates wood, polystyrene foam, concrete, brick, ceramic, natural stone and plaster.

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