Knipex TwinKey® Set
Knipex TwinKey® Set
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Multifunctional key made of die-cast zinc. Suitable for triangular, external and internal square, double bit, half moon, slot and Phillips bit. 92 mm long.

  • Control Cabinet Key For all standard cabinets and shut-off systems
  • 10 profiles. 2 crosses. 1 key.
  • All common locking systems
  • Multifunctional key for the actuation of locking systems from the areas of facilities engineering (heating and plumbing, air conditioning, electrical technology), gas and water supply, and shut-off-systems
  • 8-arm version: two 4-way spider keys connected in a space-saving way using magnets
  • Reversible bit: 1,0 x 7 mm slot and PH2 cross slot
  • Key and reversible bit joined by stable stainless steel wire
  • Weight-optimized zinc die-cast design

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