Knipex Professional Pliers Set of 3
Knipex Professional Pliers Set of 3
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Set of pliers with three important pairs of pliers for the workshop and assembly area. Knipex 03 02 180 combination pliers – grip flat and round material with two gripping zones and cut standard materials.

Knipex 70 02 160 diagonal cutters: optimized cutting edge geometry and transmission for high cutting force. Knipex 87 01 250 Cobra high-tech water pump pliers; handles are plastic-coated.
Pliers forged from high quality tool steel; oil-hardened.

  • Pliers with polished heads; handles with non-slip plastic coating and with two-color multi-component grips
  • Attractive sales packaging with Euro standard perforation
  • Tools in a plastic deep-drawn tray with transparent lid.

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