Gorilla Epoxy 25ml
Gorilla Epoxy 25ml
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Dries Crystal Clear > Ideal for clean, easy finishing.
Gap Filling > Fills voids and bonds uneven and vertical surfaces.
5-Minute Set Time > Gives ample time to reposition for the perfect fit.
Water resistant > Withstands moderate exposure to water.
Easy-To-Use Syringe > Separate barrels of resin and hardener keep epoxy from hardening. Syringe dispenses evenly and includes a cap for multiple uses.

Gorilla Epoxy delivers a strong, long-lasting bond to both household and automotive repairs. The easy-to-use syringe dispenses an equal amount of resin and hardener, that when mixed together creates a permanent, durable and water resistant bond.

The two-part, gap-filling Gorilla Epoxy formula sets in 5 minutes and easily bonds steel, aluminium, glass, wood, ceramic, tile and most plastics*. Plus it dries crystal clear, ensuring your projects look spotless.
*Not recommended for use on polyethylene or polypropylene plastic or similar materials

Preparation > All surfaces to be bonded should be clean and dry. To improve adhesion, roughen smooth surfaces with sandpaper before gluing. Ensure your work area is well-ventilated and protected from spills
Remove stir stick from middle of plunger. With nozzle pointing upward, snap the sealing cap off the syringe then eliminate any air by slowly pushing plunger until resin and hardener reach the tip

Dispense & Mix > Dispense resin and hardener onto a clean, disposable surface until they are both flowing equally. Even amounts of the resin and hardener can then be dispensed into a disposable mixing tray
The package blister can be used as a mixing tray for the first use. Stir the mixture for at least 20 seconds, until it is uniform. As you mix, you will notice that the epoxy warms up – this is a reaction that occurs as the resin and hardener combine

Apply > Apply mixture to surface within 5 minutes. Bond strength will decrease the longer you wait to apply. Remove any excess glue immediately from project surface with a dry cloth

Grip > To achieve maximum bond strength, clamp surfaces together and leave undisturbed for 30 minutes
Full cure achieved in 24 hours

The crystal clear, gap filling, two-part adhesive

For The Toughest Jobs On Planet Earth®

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