Gorilla Tack
Gorilla Tack
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Incredibly versatile > Hang lightweight items, indoors and out, on a variety of surfaces
Long-lasting hold > With low-residue stickiness, use it again & again
Easy to use > Pre-cut into squares, and 100% removable

A reusable tack for long-lasting hold indoors and out           
Gorilla Tack is a reusable, removable adhesive tack which is ideal for hanging lightweight items as well as arts and crafts. This low-residue tack offers a long-lasting hold, and the pre-cut squares make it easy to use
Gorilla Tack can be used indoors or outdoors for a long-lasting hold on a wide range of surfaces including: paper, wood, brick, glass, plastic, metal, tile and more!

Prepare > Ensure all surfaces are clean and dry. Tear off a square and lightly roll into a ball 

Apply & Press > Place between the two surfaces and press firmly for a few seconds

Remove & Re-Use > To remove, carefully peel tack from the surface and dab to lift excess tack

For The Toughest Jobs On Planet Earth®

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