Gorilla Mounting Tape Squares
Gorilla Mounting Tape Squares
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Incredibly versatile, easy to apply and crystal clear

Instant Hold > Delivers a fast, permanent bond
Easy To Use > Easy to apply pre-cut squares
Permanent > Instantly delivers a long lasting, permanent bond.
Bonds > Plastic*, Metal, Wood, Glass, Brick, Ceramic, Stone & More!
*Not for use on wallpaper, delicate surfaces, polyethylene and polypropylene plastics or other non-stick surfaces

Gorilla Mounting Tape Squares are easy to use and incredibly versatile, allowing users to instantly mount and bond a wide range of surfaces. These easy-to-apply pre-cut squares aren’t just for quick fixes, they provide a long lasting, secure bond – just as you would expect from a Gorilla product.
This product lends itself to a wide range of projects and crafts as not only can they grip to rough and smooth surfaces but can also be used indoors and out!                   
Holds to rough and smooth surfaces

Application > Surfaces must be flat, dry and free of dirt and oil. Remove square(s) from bottom liner, leaving the top liner on

Permanent Bond > Apply square(s) to the object being mounted, and press to secure square(s) to object. Use 1 square per 125g of weight

Storage > Remove clear top liner and align object to desired placement. Press firmly as the square fills into the surface and creates a strong, permanent bond

Incredibly versatile, easy to apply and crystal clear 

For The Toughest Jobs On Planet Earth®

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