Gorilla Contact Adhesive Tube 75g
Gorilla Contact Adhesive Tube 75g
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Bonds > Fabric, metal, glass, wood, ceramic, leather, paper, rubber, plastics* and more
*Not recommended for use on polystyrene, polypropylene or polyethylene products
Repositionable > Holds in seconds but allows flexibility when positioning
100% Waterproof > Ideal for fabrics, this is washing machine safe and can withstand rain
No-Run Formula > No run, no making a mess
Crystal Clear > Applies and dries clear – ideal for glass

Gorilla Contact Adhesive is a flexible, fast-setting, crystal clear glue that creates a strong, permanent bond. Being paintable and waterproof makes it great for projects both inside and out! So, no worries if it ends up in the washing machine or out in the rain
Gorilla Contact Adhesive Clear is repositionable and dries crystal clear, making it the perfect all-purpose glue

Prepare > All surfaces should be clean and dry
Apply > Apply adhesive to each surface to be bonded

Position > Allow adhesive to partially dry
a. For Maximum Bond Strength: Wait approximately 2 minutes before joining surfaces.
b. For Repositionable Bonds: Wait approximately 1 minute before joining surfaces. Repositionable for 2-4 minutes depending on surface type

Press > Press surfaces firmly together. Allow a minimum of 24 hours for full cure, cure time may increase with lower temperatures and/or when used on non-porous surfaces

The flexible, all-round glue that’s 100% waterproof

For The Toughest Jobs On Planet Earth®

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