Eclipse 42" T Bar Clamp
Eclipse 42" T Bar Clamp
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Manufactured from a rigid "T" bar section steel bar fitted with a ductile iron head and slide.

  • Steel T Bar offers maximum tensile and yield strength and resists twisting under high clamping pressure and can achieve an average clamping force of up to 1000 Kgf.
  • The ductile head and slide are guaranteed unbreakable.
  • Tommy bar will bend before the clamp becomes over stressed.
  • Twin start rolled acme thread applies pressure quickly and smoothly to the workpiece.
  • The drilled feet in the fixed head enable the clamp to be mounte to a workbench.
  • The slightly tapered jaws enable perfectly parallel clamping.
  • Slide secured by a solid steel pin passing through one of the location holes spaced along the steel bar.
  • Ideal for clamping large and heavy pieces of furniture and wood when gluing.

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