Toolway 35mm TCT Hinge Cutter
Toolway 35mm TCT Hinge Cutter
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This drill bit is made from special steel and ground mechanically to its cylindrical shape. Only a very low contact pressure is needed. It has a very good drilling progress and a long tool life. Moreover the power consumption is very low they are suitable for use in most power drills.

  • Forstner Bit drill clean holes in soft and hard wood.
  • Two spurs and centering point to give the perfect solution to repeated, clean and accurate hole cutting time after time.
  • The sharp center spur accurately locates the center of your hole.
  • Use to drill precise flat bottom holes with no chipping in any thickness of soft wood.
  • For drilling holes in any direction and making arched openings. 
  • For drilling partially overlapped flat bottom holes for easy mortising.  

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