Toolway 4pc Plug Cutter & CSK Set
Toolway 4pc Plug Cutter & CSK Set
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Used in combination with countersinks, plug cutters cut the perfectly sized plugs to fill counter bored holes

Plug cutters produce a tapered plug, so you get a tight fit with no glue needed
The chamfered nose makes it easy to get the plug started into the bore
Four precision-milled angles on each of the four flutes ensure a smooth cut and a tight-fitting, consistent taper
Heat-treated to provide excellent wear resistance and a long cutting life

Pilot screw countersinks bits are designed to match the most commonly used woodworking 82° screws
Self Clearing Drill bits are precisely fit into the countersink sleeves and the two chamfered flutes enable faster operation and self-clearing drilling on the swarf, making perfectly sized and shaped holes

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